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Plate Feeder

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Plate Feeder


The plate feeder is a kind of continuous material conveying machine. It is used to continuously and uniformly distribute and transfer materials to the crusher, conveyor or other working machinery in the horizontal or inclined direction.  Large-volume feeding process, can transport large pieces, can work reliably in harsh environments with high temperature and high humidity, especially suitable for transporting large pieces, high temperature and sharp materials, and can work reliably in open air and harsh environments .


Model Groove width(mm) Feeding granularity(mm) Processing power(t/h) Motor Power(kw) weight(t)
BWH100-6~12 1000 ≤500 60~160 11~15 13.5~20
BWH(Z)120-4~20 1200 ≤600 45~160 11~30 13.2~43.5
BWH52-5~12 1250 ≤800 60~160 11~18.5 18~32
BWH(Z)150-4~15 1500 ≤700 100~200 15~45 18.5~60
BWZ180-8~12 1800 ≤800 160-350 37~55 52~68
BWZ220-10 2200 ≤1200 200-650 45 80.5
BWZ240-10 2400 ≤1500 260-750 45 83.5

Parameters 2

model Working width Center distance Drive motor (DC) weight Matching crusher
(mm) (mm) (kW) (t)
PB2500 2500 11500 2× 36 117 MB70/90 and MB84/135
PB2000 2000 9750 36 85 MB56/75
PBl750 1750 9500 29 82 MB44/75
PBl500 1500 9114 14 43 MB36/50
PBl250 1250 8072 1l 36 MB28/45


1. The BW plate feeder adopts two-point support, one end is directly placed on the crusher, the process layout is simple, and civil construction costs are saved;
2. The tail device of the BW plate feeder adopts a special design, which is suitable for rainy and humid areas, and the chain will not jump due to the accumulation of sticky and wet materials at the tail, which will affect the production;
3. There is sleeper shock absorption at the tail of the BW plate feeder, and a certain number of special shock-absorbing rollers are supported in the middle, which improves the stress conditions of large materials impacting the rollers and groove plates on both sides, and increases the life of the running parts;
4. Specially strengthen the processing, the lower cover of the head cover is separable, so it does not hinder the lifting of the rotor body of the crusher;
5. The traction chain and the bearing chain are separated, the dynamic load is small, and the service life is improved;
6. The 13-15 teeth of the sprocket of the head device, the odd and even teeth are separately driven, and the life can be doubled;
7. The sprocket of the head device is cut into 3 petal teeth, and the gear teeth can be replaced without removing the chain plate, which is easy to maintain;


The running parts of the plate feeder are respectively connected by the conveying trough, the traction chain and the bearing mechanism.
The head sprocket with a tooth groove structure is driven to rotate by a motor and a reducer, so that the traction chain meshed with the sprocket-sleeve roller chain moves, and the conveying groove containing the material is moved forward. Carrying mechanism-the roller component walks on the track and bears the weight of materials and running components. The rack with a certain strength and rigidity bears the weight of the whole machine and is transmitted to the foundation through the rack.
The material is pushed down into the conveying tank from the storage bin located above the tail, and moves forward with the conveying tank to the chute opening of the head cover to be discharged.

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