VMX Superfine Vertical Mill


Breaking through the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing and capacity, it is a perfect equipment for large-scale production (4-40t/h) of ultrafine powder (3-45μm). The application requirement...





Mill Structure

Breaking through the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing and capacity, it is a perfect equipment for large-scale production (4-40t/h) of ultrafine powder (3-45μm). The application requirements for ultrafine powder are increasing, but the traditional ultrafine powder processing equipment with low production capacity can no longer meet the requirements of large-scale production in the field of ultrafine powder. VMX series ultrafine vertical mill is suitable for non-metallic mineral industry, such as limestone, calcite, marble, heavy calcium, kaolin, barite, bentonite, pyrophyllite, etc. And the finished powder can be used as high-quality fillers and additives in coatings, plastics, rubber, pigments, inks, PVC and other industries.


1. Higher Pulverizing and Separating Efficiency:

(1) The grinding curves of the roller shell and liner plate are uniquely designed based on the ultrafine powder pulverization. The material bed can be formed easily so as to increase the grinding efficiency and the ratio of the finished powder product from the primary grinding.

(2) The largest output is 40t/h, which is equal to 5 ultra-fine mills, off-peak power can be used.

(3) Adopting the principle of muti-rotor classifier, the product fineness can be easily and efficiently adjusted among the selected fineness range. VMX series ultrafine vertical mill saves energy by 30%-50% compared to a common type ultrafine mill when producing the powder of the same fineness.

2. Easy Maintenance and Lower Operation Cost:

(1) The roller can be pulled out by the hydraulic device, which is convenient for plate-replacement and bigger maintenance space.

(2) Left and right side of the roller cover can both be used for prolonging the working life.

(3) Without raw material on the grinding table, the mill can run, which erases the difficulty in starting.

(4) The roller and grinding table are made from special material for longer working life.

3. Lower Investment:

(1) Combination of crushing, drying, grinding and conveying, simple process flow, reasonable and compact layout, space-saving (50% less than ball mill), lower foundation cost and workshop cost in the field.

4. Stable and Good Powder Quality:

(1) The materials bed pulverization principle reduces the duration of the materials retention in the mill and the repeated grinding, which is easy for the powder fineness and components analysis. Moreover, there is less tramp iron in the end powder product, increasing the whiteness and purity of the end powder product.

(2) Regular powder shape, narrow size fineness, easy fluidity, extensive application.

(3) During the grinding, adding a small amount of additive that will not adversely affect the quality of finished powder product is capable of remarkable improving the added value of the finished powder product.

5. Reliability:

(1) The mechanical limit device for the roller is capable of being adjusted so as to ensure the safety clearance between the roller shell and the liner plate on the grinding plate. This effectively removes the possibility of the materials feeding interruption thus fierce vibration and destructive impact and maintains the safe an economical operation of the mill.

(2)Newly-designed roller sealing component ensures the reliable sealing without sealing the fan, which can lower the oxygen content in the mill to prevent the possibility of explosion.

6. Environment-friendly:

(1) Lower vibration and noise

(2) Perfect sealing and negative pressure guarantees no air pollution in the workshop.

(3)Vertical mill is the better equipment to lower power consumption in the mill industry, which is also what the country advocate and a must to increase the enterprise competitiveness in China powder industry.

7. High Automatic Level:

(1) PLC automatic control system enables remote control and easy operation and maintenance, which lower the labor cost.

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    Model Grinding TableDiameter(mm) Capacity(t/h) MaterialMoisture Fineness Power(kw)
    VMX1000 1000 3-12 <5% 0.045mm-0.01mm0.005mm(with secondary classifier) 110/132
    VMX1100 1100 4-14 <5% 185/200
    VMX1300 1300 5-16 <5% 250/280
    VMX1500 1500 7-18 <5% 355/400
    VMX1700 1700 8-20 <5% 450/500
    VMX1900 1900 10-25 <5% 560/630
    VMX2200 2200 15-35 <5% 710/800
    VMX2400 2400 20-40 <5% 1120/1250

    Note:Raw Materials bond index<=13kWh/t.

    VMX1100 Ultra-fine Vertical Mill – 100,000t/year calcium oxide powder project of Heshan


    Project Status

    The project owner has rich and high quality limestone resources, which can be great material of calcium oxide producing. The calcium oxide micro powder of the project majority applied in paint filter, environmental emulsion paint, waterproof putty and sewage treatment fields.

    The factory of customer was equipped with 1 set of  Vertical Mill. The Ball Mill is used to produce 325-1000 mesh D97 calcium oxide powder, and the capacity can reach 6t/h.

    Production Status

    Material: calcium oxide
    Product fineness: 325-1000 mesh
    Capacity: 325 mesh D97 15-18t/h; 600 mesh D97 10-12t/h; 800 mesh D97 8-10t/h

    The motor drives the reducer to rotate the millstone, the raw material is sent into the center of the millstone from the air lock rotary feeder. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the material moves to the edge of the millstone. Material than be ground by the force of the roller and smashed under extrusion, grinding and cutting. At the same time, air is blew up around the millstone and bring up the ground material. The air will blow the coarse material back to the millstone. The fine powder will be brought to the classifier, and then, the qualified fine powder will flow out the mill and be collected by dust collector, other coarse powder will be brought down to the millstone by the blade of classifier and be ground again. The circulation like this is the overall process of grinding.When moving together with the materials to the fridge of the grinding plate, due to its weight, the tramp iron cannot be raised by air flow but falls into the lower mill chamber and then is scraped into the slage outlet to be discharged by the scraping plate. This efficiently ensures the quality of finished powder product.Rotor speed of the multi-rotor classifier is easy to adjust to achieve conforming powder products of various fineness.The anatomy of VMX vertical millGrinding roller: Main component used for crushing and grinding materials. Together with the liner plate on the grinding plate, it can provide an effective grinding area.Grinding Plate: Component fixed on the output shaft of the reduction gear and where the grinding roller grinds materials.
    Classifier: A high efficient and energy saving powder separation device. Single rotor or multi-rotor is used to producing adjustable particle sizes due to the actual requirement.

    Application Range

    With scientific & reasonable design and abovementioned unique advantages, VMX ultra-fine vertical mills are applied widely in metallurgical, chemical, and non-metallic industry, for grinding of various materials, such as limestone, gypsum, coal, barite, calcite etc. It is large-scale equipment breaking through the bottleneck of ultrafine powder processing capacity. It is your best choice for large-scale production of ultrafine powder.

    VMX Superfine Grinding Mill consist of main mill, feeder, classifier, blower, pipe system, storage hopper, electronic control system and collecting system.

    Secondary Classifying System

    The secondary classifying system includes ultrafine classifier, fan, dust collector, hopper, screw conveyor and pipes. Ultrafine classifier is the core equipment of the whole system. VMX series ultrafine vertical mill is equipped with the secondary classifier system, which is capable of efficiently separating coarse powder from fine powder to obtain products of various fineness from 800 mesh to 2000 mesh.

    Features of the secondary classifying system

    High separating efficiency:

    By frequency-conversion speed adjustment of classifier wheel and the fan, various fineness of stable and reliable end product can be obtained rapidly. The classifying efficiency is high.


    A high efficient and energy saving powder separation device. Single rotor or multi-rotor is used to producing adjustable particle size due to the actual requirement.

    Big range of product fineness:

    The classifying system is capable of selecting fine particles from the materials. The fineness can range from 800 mesh to 2000 mesh. With the secondary classifying system, different particles size can be obtained and it is also rapid to achieve high production stability product of the same particle size.

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